fast-branding is a proprietary technique - using lean methodology - to develop breakthrough creative ideas that are firmly grounded in the realities of the business.  at the heart of fast-branding is the realization that insights and ideas don't happen in a linear fashion.  therefore, brand strategy lends itself to a scrum model.

part think tank and part brainstorming session. fast-branding relies on a rapid assimilation of business dynamics as represented by the composition of the participants.  the three lenses of analysis are as follows:

  • Company Expertise - represented by product and service developers
  • Customer Relevance - represented by segment owners or front-lines servicing staff
  • Competitive Differentiation - represented by sales and marketing

the morning is devoted to exploring the business, looking for leverage points for new ideas.  the afternoon is dedicated to developing the ideas, identifying the key messages, experiential tactics, and the overall value proposition.  the final step is to create a hierarchy that pulls all the elements into a strategic touchstone.  afterwards, a report is generated to document the session.

the entire process can be completed in two weeks at a very aggressive price point.  if you want to read more click here.