brand is an old technology - anywhere from 50 to 2.5 million years - depending on how you do the math. prior to the 1960s, advertising was not much more than mass-salesmanship.  with the advent of modern storytelling, brands began to mean more than creatively rendered features and benefits.  they progressed beyond slogans, jingles, and "unique selling propositions" to stories about people and their lives. 

prior to what is known as the "human brain," mammals didn't have the capacity for conceptual thinking. meaning was missing.  today, meaning is harder than ever to construct.  this is true for people and brands. the pace and complexity of change is daunting.  hence, the obsession with "authenticity."  but, nothing is more important to happiness - and taking action - than having a strong sense of self and mission.

bringing active meaning to brands is our mission.  

brand may be an old technology, but it is still the most powerful.  it is universal, mobile, social, and contextual.  most importantly, it overrides mere "facts" with emotional logic.  it supports success and acts as a buffer against failure.  it is the deepest and broadest bond that a company can have with a customer.  
‚Äčit feels good and instigates action.  it is the essence of a business and a profit driver.

creating and refreshing a brand today is the same as it ever was.  it's a human connection.  it's also completely different than before.  a brand is a construct that needs to have purpose in lives that are increasingly defined by technology.  all brand ideas must be physical.  all brand ideas must be digital.