having purpose, cause, or belief is the secret to successful leaders, companies, and communications.  people follow and buy - not the what you do but - the "why" you do it.  it's the essence of great leaders and brands.


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The Globalization of Advertising - Are You Ready? reveals the interconnecting dynamics - from media buying platforms, to global selling capabilities, simultaneous consumption of global content, and the emergence of a coherent, global consumer culture - that are transforming advertising into a truly global industry.

  • social changes that may impact brand attitudes and create new business opportunities
  • new discoveries about the human brain and behavior
  • game-changing personal technologies
  • healthcare technology and economics
  • new media models and content
  • the changing face of luxury

"being useful" is the aspiration of Patagonia, a brand with a loyal following, competitive differentiation, generous media coverage, and a very modest advertising budget.  this is the genius of a meaningful brand strategy.  if more brands thought like this, they would dramatically increase their brand love while reducing their paid media spend.  the best brands earn loyalty.

The 5 Brand Strategy Questions Your Agency May Never Ask You identifies the core questions that every client should be asking about themselves and their brands.

A Mad Man's Love Letter to Healthcare explains why healthcare is the most exciting, complicated, and rewarding category in business today.

The 9 Biggest Brand Strategy Mistakes reveals all the ways that brand strategies fail...which happens more commonly than one would think.  Fail at the beginning.  Fail in the field.  And, fail in execution.