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brand strategy is a right-brain/left-brain activity.  when not aligned, a client receives a well defined problem with no solution or a great idea that doesn't make a meaningful difference on the business.  a successful engagement is a marriage of the consulting brain and the creative brain.  here's how we do it:

  1. read everything - we will read everything we can to understand the context of your business (sales and marketing trends, category analysis, customer research, competitive intelligence, mission and vision statements, etc.)
  2. identity the problem - next, we will define the problem that the brand can and will solve.  this is trickier than it seems.  since brand affects everything, it's tempting to burden it with objectives that should be solved through new product development, sales, service, or operations.  this is the first - and most important - deliverable.
  3. define the brand DNA - the DNA of the brand is the distillation of why the brand exists, where it has come from, and what its values are.  brands that are linked to the founder or corporate culture can be defined, or re-defined, through an internal investigation.  brands that are constructed for a specific audience will need to integrate the target's mindset.  for brands like this, primary research is required.
  4. crack the brand positioning - the positioning is about the future of the brand, not its past.  it defines a space that transports the brand to where it needs to go.  to be successful, the positioning must be relevant, differentiated, and reflective of the organization's unique expertise.
  5. create a brand idea - if the brand positioning identifies the territory you want to occupy, the brand idea is the "content" that you need to own.  it's the strategic thought or premise that we feel - in our collective hearts - will connect with your audiences, outflank your competition, energize your employees, inspire physical and digital action, and drive buzz.
  6. build the brand hierarchy - once the idea is established, it's time to build the hierarchy to flush out the brand meaning and connect the brand to the business more explicitly.  the hierarchy becomes the touchstone that guides the development of brand assets and brand campaigns. 
  7. activate the brand - a brand platform (DNA, positioning, idea, hierarchy) supports the entire business.  before customers are exposed to new communications, the brand should be socialized internally with presentations and workshops.  with all employees prepared to live the brand, everything the organization does (from new product development to servicing) will prove to customers that the brand means what it says.  it's real and for real.